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Sep 26, 2012 9:00am EDT
update on emergency and metals. phillip is live for us from chicago. great to speak with you. let's start off with the picture in oil here. we dip below 90 for the first time since early august. which way are traders betting? i heard that as we enter quarter end, a lot of traders were actually alongwell for a long time. >> it's going to be a very tough trade for them. we've been down about 10% in the last six sessions. we're sitting right around 90 dollars. got resistance up at about 96. concerns over global growth. got saudi arabia, they're going to ramp up their production all the way until year end to try and keep those oil prices down. but the real picture is the department of energy. their inventory, if you look at at the tall stocks for the five-year seasonal average, is sitting right around 370 million barrels. that's their inventory. the five-year seasonal average is down about 325, so we're 10% over. remember last week we had a build of 8.5 million barrels. this week we're expecting a build of two million. if you see in about an hour when oil prices and the d.o.e. releases their
Oct 3, 2012 9:00am EDT
outliar trade. 58.54 is the new high. and the higher growth aspect for the yum brand and it's a phillip-morris side of the business. kraft is more of the -- >> gum. snack and gum. >> no. i like gum. who doesn't. and biscuits. what's not to like? back to politics now. president obama's lead has narrowed heading into tonight's big debate. john harwood is in denver getting ready for the big event. john? >> reporter: melissa, we've got several pieces of encouraging news for mitt romney from not only the wall street poll but swing states poll. you mentioned that mitt romney's closed the deficit among likely voters for obama from five points to three points. and in florida, he's closed from five down to one which is tied given the margin of error in our poll. in virginia, he has closed the gap from five to two. if you look at the state of ohio, a must-win state for mitt romney, mathematically possible for him to get to it without it but his strategists think he needs it. he needs to make progress there. but the fact that some of the national polls are coming back a little bit, some of the swi
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2